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Simplifying logs so that anyone can investigate

Turngate's visual interface makes understanding logs easy. We use audit records from your SaaS and IaaS services, providing an intuitive interface to help you rapidly make sense of user activity, system use, and potential security concerns in your enterprise.

Use Cases

Higher confidence investigations

Should we care about that alert? How broad is the scope of that security incident? What did that user actually do? These are core questions to every investigation and the answers are often incomplete. Turngate helps you understand scope and activity faster to lead you to better outcomes.

Specialized log knowledge not required

Logs and audit records come in all shapes and sizes. JSON, CSV, and structured text are filled with information you may (or may not) need. Don't waste time learning the ins and outs of each log format. Let us do it for you.

Investigate without a SIEM

You've got an MDR or XDR covering your alerts, but when you want to research, you still need a tool to support your investigation. Don't pay for a SIEM with a bunch of *DR functionality you're already paying for anyway. Turngate supports your investigations without the overhead.

Retain logs for longer

Turngate only holds the important part of your logs. This allows us to retain your logs for much longer periods - useful when vendors disclose breaches that occurred months (or years) in the past.

Satisfy your spidey sense

A user reports they got phished, but no alert was thrown. A service is acting odd. Or something just doesn't feel quite right. Turngate can help you quickly determine if your spidey sense is warranted.

Build an insider risk program

Insider risk programs are hard to build. Existing tooling is often expensive, nearly useless, or both. Regardless of your size, Turngate allows you to reduce risk for your organization.

How it Works

Bring your logs and questions to us. We'll help you get answers fast.

Many data sources

Tie in your SaaS and IaaS audit records to get a unified view of your enterprise.

Visual-first interface

Find trends and activities quickly without using complex query languages.

Activities, not logs

Events are shown in a format-agnostic manner to streamline understanding.  

Use-case driven analysis

Views into your data can be tuned to specific types of analysis with a push of a button.

Secure storage

It may go without saying, but we're going to say it anyway. We protect your data as if it were our own.

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Get early access to our platform for Alpha/Beta testing or Freemium access.

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The Turngate Team

Our battle-tested brainiac brigade

Our small but mighty team of cybersecurity developers combines deep security insights with software skills to provide tools that simplify log investigation.

Bruce Potter


Bruce founded Turngate to build the tool he always wanted but wasn’t available during his stints as a CISO (pronounced “ciz-oh,” a hill he’ll die on). He’s been doing cybersecurity things for nearly 30 years and fills his spare time exploring hobbies by breadth (not depth).

Heidi Potter

Chief of Staff

As the Chief of Staff, Heidi channels her inner Leo McGarry and looks out for all the Turngators while making sure Turngate operates smoothly and efficiently. She also runs ShmooCon, volunteers for many causes, and periodically does long distance touring, either by bike or by foot.

Kyle Fiducia

Chief Technology Officer

Kyle is our ninja-like CTO at Turngate. When he's not fending off cyber threats with a keyboard, he's mastering the art of non-extreme sports in extremely entertaining ways, leaving a trail of broken bones that make you wonder if he moonlights as a stunt double for action heroes on his days off.

Ken Caruso

Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer, Ken is dedicated to serving the Turngate engineering team, ensuring they maintain a steady flow state. He has 25+ years experience scaling internet technologies and bringing numerous IaaS and SaaS services to market. When not making cybersecurity easier, he spends time with his family, disc golfing, and mountain biking.

Questions, answered.

Frequently asked questions about our activity analysis platform.

How does it work?

We ingest user activity and entitlement records from your cloud services. We then distill them down into an intuitive visual-first interface to help guide your investigation to quickly get to the right information.

What about security and privacy?

Keeping your data secure and ensuring your privacy has been protected has been a focus of the company since day one. We know cybersecurity and privacy can't be performance art and need to be woven into the whole company.

What about on-prem or custom application logs?

Short answer: we're working on it. We believe our tool is more valuable the more data sources you can connect to it. For those with on-prem assets or custom applications, we want to be able to include those audit records into Turngate. But that's a future release. Check back for updates.

How can I access it?

It's a webapp. There's no need for you to install anything. Once you sign up, you'll be able to access your account, connect up data sources such as Google Workspace and Okta, and start analyzing. No interaction with us required.

Is that an Office Space reference?

Maybe... we really like the idea that Turngate helps you "jump to the right conclusions," and if that makes you think of an iconic movie about working in IT, so be it. Also, Office Space was released in 1999... which will make some of us feel very old while others have no idea what we're talking about. Get off our lawn.